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Naomi, Sasha, Natalia, Chanel Iman, and Nicole Richie photographed by Ezra Petronio, Self Service N° 29

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"Go Curious George, work it out!”

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Why did someone just answer my yahoo answers question from 2007

Anonymous Hey! What are your thoughts on the recent "Exodus: Gods & Kings" controversy? Do you agree with Caucasian actors being used for roles depicting African royalty?


These issues used to get me BENT! Then I realized complaining doesn’t sit well with me, action and problem solving does. We need to get executives, directors, writers and investors that have a perspective and a voice that are of color working to make moves and change, which is happening. For blockbuster movies that cost millions to produce they are concerned with selling tickets so they want to appeal to the largest common denominator which currently, in the US, is White. That will change. Online is helping make those changes a reality. My advice is to support films, brands, projects, arts, that are produced by people that have your voice and that you believe in. Less talk and more action I say. If you don’t like how the movie was casted, don’t support it, don’t watch it.